Our oil

The Summerdown Farm is hidden away in the foothills of the Hampshire Downs. It has taken Sir Michael Colman over 20 years to establish the productive fields of Black Mitcham mint which we cut each autumn and distill our pure single estate oil.

Distillation is a fine art, as any fluctuation in temperature can affect the character of the oil produced. Our Farm Manager Ian, has been perfecting his technique over 33 years at the farm, and lovingly stores each batch until it has matured and is ready to be used.

Why’s it different?

It takes an industry expert to explain why our oil is different. John Wright, a renowned scent analyst in America is a huge fan of Summerdown mint. Here’s what he says about it in the trade magazine Perfumer & Flavorist:

“The wonderful Black Mitcham peppermint of Summerdown seems to nod to the past in its quality, fullness and depth of character. It is quite distinct from general commercial grades from bulk-growing areas, with a unique quality that distinguishes it from other, lesser grades.

“Right from the top, it is clean and radiant, with a vibrant full-bodied character and a floralcy that I believe sets it apart from other peppermint oils. The mint character continues on into the heart notes for several hours.”

Others in the trade applaud Summerdown for having the dedication and passion to bring back the purity and authenticity of the oils that used to be available a century ago.

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